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I’m Viet. I like making things with people for people.

I’m working as a Product Design Lead at Thrivent,
building experiences for personal finance
building out a design system to support 6+ product teams
have worked in a Tiger team to relaunch the self service experience
helped launch the Android app, and then rebuild the app

I worked at Kalderos, focusing on complex compliance issues in healthcare
helped bring an MVP to a first official release
shipped a dashboard, helping hospitals identify compliance issues

Occasionally, I talk to college design students, giving them presentations about Product Design or participating in class room critiques.

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Featured work

Projects from workplaces that I can speak about in depth
Bringing an old financial services corporation to this decade with a rapidly growing digital transformation department.
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Increasing business transparency and making the work of compliance a little less painful in one of the most complex ecosystems: drug discount management.
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Other work
Projects that were smaller in scope and have less depth, but have a lot of personal learnings for me as a designer.

Simple Bank
Customer transaction disputes & an attempt at a journey map.
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Cincinnati’s first Asian restaurant directory
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