I like to make things with people for people.

When I was younger, I thought I wanted to be a journalist. It involved writing, sharing, and most importantly, listening. Growing older and finding myself more fascinated with the complex world systems and the human experience, I enrolled into an urban planning and sociology degree. Two years into my studies though, something felt off for me: it was the feeling not being able to effect change immediately. 

Today, I’m an interaction and visual designer. I obsess over creating useful “things” (products, experiences, systems, tools, etc.) that help people understand complex systems. Both at Simple and Doblin, I’ve worked alongside business leaders, technologists, and other designers to help everyday people navigate the world of finances. The work that I do now requires listening, a desire to understand complex systems, and a deep care for people.

Who I work with is just as important as who I make things for. I value transparency, candor, empathy, and care—both in my personal and professional life. I believe the best work comes forward through collaboration and I believe that the best collaboration comes forward when we take the time to invest in each other as humans.

Interested in working with me?