This is a web experience that contains print-to-play exercises for journaling about social connection.

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Product Design
Interactive Print
Mental Modeling
Play Testing


We live in an unprecedented era of connection, where many of us have hundreds of internet friends and yet, loneliness has increased three-fold since 1985. Our sense of connection is distorted through the lens of social media. How can we cut through the noise of social internet feeds?

Philos is for jounaling. It’s about taking stock, unpacking, and reflecting on relationships. 

Modular and Free-to-Use

This project is designed to be used with anyone’s personal journal. Included is a series of components that are designed to be cut out and placed within the journal of choice. Once completed, the project will be available to anyone to download for free use. 

Six ways to think about social connection

One issue that people often run into is not knowing where to begin with journaling. I have been developing a series of mental models, exercises, visualizations, and journaling prompts guide the journaling process. Some of the exercises are based on psychological research, others are creations of my own.

It’s an interaction project

Co-creating, play testing, game mechanics, user emotional states, edge cases, non-linear user flows, exit and entry points... 

The development of this project requires a lot of product thinking. I have been validating my results as I go to make sure the design of the exercises provide a meaningful experience for the users. In addition to this, there are game mechanics involved to help users generate content to use for journaling.

Some process work
More coming