This is a customer experience map for Simple.

Product Strategy
Customer Experience Mapping

Simple CX Map

Simple, like any other organization, has many different departments and teams who work from different angles to improve the product for our customers. However, because teams are often segmented, it’s hard to get a larger overview of how each team contributes to the overall experience.

Create a customer experience map that helps align all of our teams on our product, our value proposition, and most importantly, our customer’s goals. 

Customer goals and mindsets

There are three high level goals that we know about our customers: they want to save, budget, and pay off their debt. Calling out this to the left is important to remember. 

The following categories are sections that we developed to help organize different parts of our customer experience. 

Macro, Micro, Macro, Micro

This map provides a higher level overview of the customer experience. However it also provides a very detailed picture of what happens at the lowest level of the experience. We can identify where pain points are and where excessive screens are showing up.

What affects what?

There are certain points throughout the app experience that trigger emails, which are product experiences outside of the actual app. This work is handled outside of product teams, so it’s important to map this to the app experience so everyone can see the larger customer experience.