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Act IV: We gotta rebuild the mobile app...

The native app is a big piece of spaghetti code. It also has no parity with the other experience we’ve been shipping. Engineering wants to rebuild the app in a different tech stack... I think we’ve got a good window to address these concerns.


1 Designer, 6 Engineers, a PO, an EM, and other testers

Lacking engineering resources for design systems, we were constantly in a game of re-directing designers.

The whole app was a complete mess of spaghetti code. This wasn’t a nightmare for just design. It was an engineering problem and a business problem. No one knew how to maintain the app, and we couldn’t continuously add value for our users.

So, like Tiger team all over again, we delivered.
(though we didn’t have the cool name this time...)

We made some minor UX wins where we could, matched it to the design system, found parity with newtown where it made sense. Cut scope from the app on features that had no value for users.