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Impact Summary

How might we engage covered entities after their review process to:
  • Promote and celebrate desired CE behavior
  • Demosntrate how CEs and Kalderos are partnering together for 340b program integrity?


1 Designer, 6 Engineers, Business Analyst, UX researcher, Design Strategies, 1 Product Manager, 1 Product Manager intern

Where did the idea come from? Design strategy research findings

We took the recommendations and as a team, crafted our goals, requirements and metrics based o n what success looks like. Big team effort between the business analyst, the designer (me), the UX researcher, the strategist, and the PMs on the project.

A lot of continouous work sessions.
Sub-problem framing. Problems can always contain more problems to solve for.
Crit board. This project was highly focused on the presentation of data.
Discussions around data viz.

Research planning
We conducted 2 qualitative interviews where the PM screen shared with an analyst and we captured their feedback. Analysts are notoriously busy and this was also at the height of the Pandemic during the fall of 2020.

Additional analytics were set up as well as in-app survey capturing tools.

How did we measure success?

Unfortunately I left shortly after delivering the designs.  
The experience shipped, but I don’t know how the designs performed in production. 

But here’s what we agreed to track:

Goal 1
Promote and celebrate desired behavior from CEs by providing personal benchmarks, peer benchmarks, and national performance.
Performance Metric
  • Increase retention for existing users (e.g. increase # of inquiries completed on average)
  • 80% dashboard usage across all CE accounts
  • 2+ number of times used per account

Additional data:
  • Analytics endpoints set up to see where users are coming from and understand how users are interacting with it

Goal 2
Demonstrate how CEs and Kalderos are partnering to improve 340B compliance using Review
Performance Metric
  • Increase CSAT score by .2 points
  • Receive postitive feedback from >80% CEs via Pendo survey about value added through performance analytics

Additional data:
  • Track qualitative feedback through slack channel