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Kalderos is a healthcare technology start-up focused on solving systemic problems in healthcare: transparency, integrity, and trust in the business of healthcare.

Kalderos is building a platform for different stakeholders in the health care industry to manage drug discount and rebate data—it’s an upstream problem related to the expensive cost of drugs for every day people.

About the team

I joined as a Product Designer right after their Series A round of fundraising. We started as a small team less than 20 people and grew to 70+ people. 

Design team consisted of:  Chief Design Officer,  3 Product Designers, 2 Brand designers, 1 UX researcher, and 1 Design Strategist.

I worked on one of the product teams as the sole designer with 6 other developers, a business analyst, a scrum master, and one  (sometimes two) PMs.

Introduction: The drug discount problem
The way drug costs are regulated and negotiated in America is super complex. What’s at stake and what is Kalderos trying to do?

All about our user: the 340b Analyst
What’s a Covered Entity and a 340b Analyst?

Launching Kalderos Review
How can we make data entry a little easier? Going from the MVP to the first fully featured release.

Impact Summary
How do we show our users they’re helping with program integrity in the health care system?