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Launching Kalderos Review

Prior to Kalderos’ Series A funding, they relied on an MVP for collecting data from Covered Entities. Let’s build the first official version, add new features like team management, and hopefully make data entry a little easier.


1 Designer, 6 Engineers, a business analyst, a product manager, and a scrum master.

Kalderos Review is a tool that collects data and identifies duplicate discounts

Review gathers data from Covered Entities trough a process called a good faith inquiry. 

The Kalderos platform analyzes based on records from manufacturers, and uses machine learning to identify whether there is non-compliance or not. This data is then shared with the state so that all the stakeholders can properly identify who owes whom what money, and why.Kalderos Review

From MVP to first release

MVP “Grappa”
Kalderos Review (renamed later to Kalderos Covered Entity)

Finding time with an analyst for a covered entity is near impossible. So we worked with our customer success team to do some service mapping. Where could we make additional improvements to the overall service experience when a  covered entity is working with us?