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Thrivent Digital

Thrivent is an old Fortune 300 corporation founded in 1902 that’s trying to stay relevant within the next generation of financial products and services. 

Thrivent Digital is their newly set up department, helping to tackle challenges around building modern digital experiences

They offer financial advice, insurance products, investment products, money coaching, and have a focus on charitable giving. 

Introduction: What’s my role here?
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Act I: Consultants and Thrivent’s first mobile app
Thrivent is releasing it’s first mobile app. It was all built and design by Deloitte. I’m the second in-house hire and the consultants are rolling off.Read
Act II: Tiger Team builds Newtown
Build the post-login web experience for Thrivent Clients with the tiger team. Do it fast, be scrappy.Read
Act III: Design System and the 6 product teams
Thrivent hasn’t had a design system before. We were barely staffed, but had to find a way to support a re-org that created 6 product teams.Read
Act IV: We gotta rebuild the mobile app...
The native app is a big piece of spaghetti code. It also has no parity with the other experience we’ve been shipping.Read