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All about our user: the 340b Analyst

What’s a 340b Analyst?

Who are the 340B analysts?

340B analysts are people who work for healthcare systems. Their responsibility is to make sure that their hospitals they work for are staying compliant with the 340b program.

Analysts usually:
  • Care a lot about compliance
  • Believe in the necessity of their job in keeping the finances of hospitals in poor rural areas afloat
  • Are excel sheet wizards and masters of creating hyper specific workflows to manage data.
  • Don’t love drug manufacturers.

Analysts sometimes:
  • Are working with very large teams of other analysts, distributed through several hospitals in their healthcare systems.
  • Skeptical of change

Analysts either:
  • Work with Kalderos because they trust Kalderos and see the value in what we do as increasing compliance
  • Work with Kalderos out of fear that lawsuits will happen from manufacturers.

Both ways, its about compliance. But it’s either trust-based or fear-based.

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